Part of the Issue is no one is telling you why all the hard work, therapy, surgery, and injections you have tried haven’t worked. I am offering you a solution that has worked for hundreds of my clients. Together we will go through a step-by-step process to figure out what is causing you pain and keeping you from your activity.

Discover What's REALLY Causing Your Pain

5 Reasons Ab Exercises Cause Back Pain

Ever wonder why your back pain gets worse after doing all those ab exercises? Seems crazy doesn’t it. Aren’t Ab exercises suppose to make your back better? You work hard getting fit. You understand that a healthy body requires a steady diet of exercise. You’ve got strong abs, but despite all your efforts, you still […]

4 Must-Dos Before Stem Cells or Surgery For Your Arthritic Knee

Feeling old before your time? Osteoarthritis of the knee can alter your life. Have you noticed how much you have modified your life for your knee pain? Have you stopped running? Playing sports? Have you stopped getting down on the floor or in the yard? For many it starts almost insidiously. A little stiffness in […]

5 Reasons Stem Cells Won’t Solve Your Shoulder Pain

Here is a common story I hear at my clinic regarding stem cell injections. You have had chronic shoulder pain with no resolution for years. You’re frustrated. You can’t use your arm without flaring up the pain. You’ve stopped working out or playing sports because you keep aggravating your shoulder pain. You’ve tried surgery, steroid […]

Why Your Feet Hate You!

Yes, your feet hate you! Can you blame them! You are a lousy friend! You spend hours on your appearance, you worry about what clothes you wear, what cologne you are going to put on, working the pretty muscles in the gym. How much time do you spend taking care of your feet? If you […]

You Got Hurt Doing Yoga … 6 Reasons Yoga Might Not Be Good For You

You Got Injured Doing Yoga… 6 Reasons Yoga Might Not Be Good For You   If you’ve injured yourself doing yoga, you’re not alone. According to National Institute for Health (NIH) 29, 590 yoga related injuries were seen in hospital emergency rooms in America between 2001 and 2014. That’s emergency room data. That doesn’t include […]