Sensible Solutions to Acute Injury Relief Package (3 Pack)

This program is designed to stop the pain and re-injury cycle. These 3 – 50 min video conference sessions guide you in identifying your movement dysfunctions which are the root cause of your pain and focuses on correcting them. Each Session utilizes a Clinical Coach with a Model to create an instructional team to guide you. This Team will demonstrate pain relieving techniques so you can visualize the instructions as we perform corrective techniques properly. Sensible Solutions teaches you to use your sense of touch, vision and proprioception to help you stop your re-injury.

3 Sessions for Only $1,000

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Sensible Solutions - Total ReMovement Package (12 pack)

This package provides the foundation and framework to correct your major root cause and pain for good. We start by identifying your goals, your movement dysfunctions and help you see why these dysfunctions are hurting you. We will develop your total body movement assessment and help you understand it so you can fix it. In our video conference sessions, we utilize a Clinical Coach and Model team to provide you both direct instruction and visual feedback. Each session will address a specific part of the body beginning with the areas that limit your athletic activity. Sensible Solutions – Total ReMovement package focuses on restoring your pain free movement and get you back into the active, athletic life your pain has prevented.

12 Sessions for only $3,000

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Millen Method Advanced Integrated Body Package (24 pack)

This is our premium package. We will systematically work through each area of your body to optimize its movement and re-integrate the parts to work optimally as a whole. It’s a MastersClass in your body and movement. We go beyond just addressing your dysfunctions, we teach you to develop your athletic ability and feel. This is a whole body integration program. You will learn to integrate healing and performance, Our Clinical Coaches utilize models and course work to guide you through the self discovery and corrective training. We provide customized instructional training videos for you to review and use as a reference. That means you can more purposely and deliberately get your body to do what you want. This program is perfect for experienced athletes, clinicians, athletic trainers, personal trainers, coaches, and those who want to integrate healing with athletic performance.

24 Sessions for Only $8,000

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