Everyday I hear stories from new clients telling us how they were told to quit, stop and settle.

Quit Being Athletic.

Stop some activity they love.

Settle for a body breaking down around them.

I believe that’s a lousy way to live your life.

I wouldn’t accept it.

You shouldn’t either.

A common experience in healthcare today is we are treated as parts. You see a shoulder guy for a shoulder problem; a knee guy for a knee problem; a heart guy for a heart problem

But who puts humpty dumpty back together again?

Who reconnects the parts?

Who treats you as a whole athletic person?

The Millen Method treats you as an Integrated Intelligent Athlete.

Millen Method was created because as an physical therapist and an experienced athlete, I wanted to deliver a product I would want for myself. I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to understanding and treating physical dysfunctions and optimizing human performance. It is a challenging mission. But you’re worth it.

Our Method begins by Mapping Your Injuries and Developing a Total Body Diagnosis.

This involves finding the residual effects of old injuries, seeing how they connect to other areas of your body and developing a strategy to fix them.One common problem is most of our clients have learned to adapt to those injuries and if not painful are totally unaware of these adaptations.

Your Brain is Required

Our treatment focuses on developing your ability to discover restrictions or imbalances in your movement (dysfunctions) that you are unaware of. These dysfunctions lead to re-injury.

So it’s not enough to just do corrective exercises, they actually have to correct the physical dysfunction but your nervous system has to integrate it back into your normal patterns. Otherwise, the corrective exercise is ineffective for helping stop the re-injury cycle.

In our program, we teach you how to adapt the exercise or treatment to you. We start with isolated movements. Simple isolated muscle or joint motions so you can learn to feel it and control it. Then you will combine those motions until we end up with functional or athletic movements in which you can adjust each and every component in real time.

That’s how we also enhance your athletic ability at any age.

We are here ready to help