Bill Hartenbach

Part of the Issue is no one is telling you why all the hard work, therapy, surgery, and injections you have tried haven’t worked. I am offering you a solution that has worked for hundreds of my clients. Together we will go through a step-by-step process to figure out what is causing you pain and keeping you from your activity.

Discover What's REALLY Causing Your Pain

After having shoulder surgery for a rotator cuff tear, the therapy I had before coming to Joe was limited to instruction in an exercise and then doing it on my own with no feedback. I had a poor outcome – I still couldn’t use my arms well. As an Anesthesiologist, I couldn’t even tie my own surgical mask. When I saw Joe, he put his hands on me and worked with me to learn to connect to the muscles in my shoulder and I fairly quickly began improving and regaining use of my shoulder. After a few short months, I have regained the ability to use my arms for daily task including tieing my mask and shooting baskets.

It’s time to Stop the Re-Injury Process. We Start By Mapping Your Injuries and develop a Total Body Diagnosis.

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